Law & Regulations

According to the UK and EU Law and Regulations to sell Bath & Skin Care products you will need to comply to rules. It's is not as simple to just make some products and you can go on and sell these. 

As these products come in contact with human skin we, the crafters, will need to make sure that these are safe to use. Before we can start selling we have to make sure that the following steps have been followed:

  • All our recipes, formulations of products, have been assessed by a Chartered Chemist who will then issue us a Safety Report which they sign off as safe to use. These reports contain details about the toxicological data of every ingredient used in the product. It will also contain the strict limits for ingredients such as essential oils which if used to much can cause serious skin damage.
  • We need to have an Insurance in place before we can sell our products because we make products that come in contact with skin. In case your product does harm a customer you need to be able to fall back on your Safety Report before you can make a claim on your Insurance. Unfortunately there are many makers who don't carry a Safety Report and hav no clue about the harm they can cause to their customers.
  • We also need to notify our products to the EU portal which is accessible to various organisations to make sure that we are following the Law & Regulations, such as making sure that all our products are labeled correctly and we carry Safety Reports. One of the organisations that has access to this information is Trading Standards.

According to new rules we, the crafters, are not allowed anymore to advertise that our products are Safety Assesses. However what we can do to ensure that our customers are aware that our products are safe to us is by becoming a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers. The condition for becoming a member is evidence of a Safety Assessment and that you hold a valid Insurance. We do hold a Guild Certificate so you can be confident that we comply with the regulations. Not all  soap makers are members of the Guild of course, but if you are at all concerned, please ask the seller what steps they have taken to make sure that their products are being sold legally. Any soap maker who is complying with the regulations will be happy to set your mind at ease!

If you do have any concerns or would like to know more about this topic please do contact us via the 'Contact Us' section.


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