Ingredients used in a product is a very important part of the process. It determines whether your brand's focus is on a specific group of customers. For religious reasons I don't use ingredients deprived from animals, making our products suitable for vegetarians and probably also vegans with the exceptions of 2 products, the hand balm and the lip balm as one of the ingredients used is beeswax.

I'm not going to state here that all of my products are natural as there are some ingredients that are being used in our products are synthetic such as Mica's and Fragrances. What I don't use in my products are ingredients which are very harsh on the skin making them suitable for many of my customers with sensitive skin who have been using them for a while. However, when trying out (new) products from new brands you should always try them out on a small patch of skin to ensure that you don't get any rashes. Please note that every skin is different and what may be suitable for the one may not be suitable for you. Please do NOT see this as a confirmation of me claiming that my products are good for sensitive skin!

All of our products are labeled as per the Cosmetic Labeling Guidelines and include all ingredients used in them, even the tinniest bit. We are also required to include Allergens on the label to ensure that we made a customer aware that they are in the product, even if it contains the smallest amount. It's up to the customer to make sure that they read the labels very careful if a product contains any ingredients they might be allergic to.

If after reading a label you find that there are some ingredients you have no clue of what they are, please either contact us or do a google search for it. Some of the names of the ingredients sound scarier than they actually are! Please note that if you are pregnant there are restrictions on using some Essential Oils. You should contact your GP for more information about which ones these are and if you can use them or not.

If and when you find yourself developing rashes or outbreaks on your skin, please discontinue use and contact your GP. Might be handy to bring the package/label with you if you are visiting the GP as they should be able to tell you which of the ingredients caused this. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us via the 'Contact Us' section.